1. Power Generation

60% of our manufactured engines are used for power generation.

2. Home Van/Refrigeration of Buses

A typical requirement for variable speed with low and high range of torques makes this application versatile. Our 2-cylinder engine serves this application, given its compact size and lower weight.

3. High-end Drills for Mining & Drilling

Cooper engines with variable speed output from 10 hp to 280 hp power requirement suit this application.

4. Construction Equipment Manufacturing

A wide variety of construction equipment like compressors, cranes, mixers, and earth moving equipment are operated by professionals with consummate ease.

5. Pump Applications

Dependable power for pumping solutions with options of electronic control panel/cold starting kit/coolant heat exchanger/dual starting, etc. Engine ratings are suitable for continuous duty de-watering pumps/industrial pumps and emergency duty fire pump sets.

6. Marine and Defence

Cooper engines are rugged and designed to operate within the ambient temperature band of -20 Deg C to +50 Deg C. High altitude capability makes the engine suitable for various defence stationary, wheeled and tracked applications. Cooper has manufactured engines that can be suitable for main marine propulsion and also auxiliary gensets.

7. Automotive

Engine can be used for the automotive application. Cooper Engine output is up to 280 hp.

8. Tractor

Engines for tractors require typical high-end torque at lower rpm. Our cylinder engine is equipped with the required potency to deliver the desired speeds and torque, for various agricultural & commercial applications.